White Paper:

How a Modern Approach to Online Backup Can Address CIO Challenges

Historically, data backup for end user devices has been seen as a low-level tactical concern, not worth the CIO’s time and attention. No longer just an insurance policy for avoiding end user data loss, endpoint backup today is moving up the value chain to address top CIO concerns.

For IT leaders looking to increase overall agility and ROI, this paper demonstrates how backing up data on corporate devices can be the first strategic step towards a more nimble approach to disaster recovery and data governance.

This paper details how:

  • Endpoint backup today is much more than just simple data protection and can meet data privacy, eDiscovery, and compliance challenges
  • Endpoint backup can leapfrog multiple legacy solutions that are not architected to meet the backup and archiving needs of today’s enterprise
  • Laptop backup can satisfy the needs of non-IT departments like Legal and Compliance

CIO Challenges
White Paper