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Where In The World Is Your Sensitive Data?

How To Stay Ahead of Data Risks in Today’s Mobile and Cloud World

In today’s mobile and cloud application world, locating, tracking, and monitoring dispersed data has become increasingly more complicated. Organizations that can get a few steps ahead in identifying and remediating potential data risks before they become critical business issues will more effectively protect their enterprise from exposure and fines, while minimizing impact to workforce productivity.

Enterprises are struggling with the need to provide limitless productivity to mobile workers, while at the same time meet corporate governance obligations; tracking sensitive information for HIPAA, PCI and SOX, ensuring employee data privacy, and meeting legal needs.

View this session to learn:

  • What the increasing data governance burden created by data sprawl means and strategies to address it
  • Key challenges of tracking, monitoring and responding to compliance/legal requests for dispersed enterprise data often in cloud services like Office 365
  • What proactive compliance means and how it provides a strategic advantage

View this session and learn how Druva can enable your enterprise to automate compliance and data monitoring, and get ahead of data risks brought on by data everywhere and anywhere.

Featured presenter:

Dave Packer, VP, Product Marketing, Druva
Dave Packer
VP, Product Marketing, Druva
Original Broadcast Date: August 13th, 2015

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