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Rethinking Data Availability and Governance in a Mobile World

The emergence of the mobile workforce has left an indelible mark on the enterprise; every employee is now mobile, and business data continues to be dispatched to the far reaches of the enterprise. While this has added enormous opportunity for increased productivity, it has also muddied the waters when it comes to controlling and protecting valuable data assets. As companies quickly evolve to address the new set of challenges posed by this shift in data usage, IT must ensure that all data, no matter where it’s generated or stored, is available and governed just as if it were still safely behind the corporate firewall.

Featured presenters:

Eric Kavanagh, CEO, The Bloor Group
Eric Kavanagh
CEO, The Bloor Group

Malcolm Chrisholm, President,
Malcolm Chrisholm

Dave Packer, VP, Product Marketing, Druva
Dave Packer
VP, Product Marketing, Druva

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