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Rethinking Enterprise Archiving in the Cloud Era

Modern enterprise archiving is no longer about the long-term storage of data you’re required to keep and serves limited utility to the business. New cloud architectures are transforming what once was simply a means to protect corporate data to a more valuable information resource that helps address corporate compliance and litigation support needs.

Analysts from Blue Hill Research discuss how progressive organizations are gaining greater value from their archive of user data, converging data availability, archiving and governance to increasingly meet their wider corporate needs. During this webinar, the panel will review real life use cases and discuss:

  • The risks of decentralized and dispersed enterprise data
  • How unifying data availability and governance is bringing increased utility to organizations
  • Key considerations for designing a modern enterprise archive strategy

Featured presenters:

David Houlihan, ESQ, Principal Analyst, Blue Hill Research
David Houlihan, ESQ
Principal Analyst, Blue Hill Research

James Haight, Analyst, Blue Hill Research
James Haight
Analyst, Blue Hill Research

Dave Packer, VP, Product Marketing, Druva
Dave Packer
VP, Product Marketing, Druva
Original Broadcast Date: November 19th, 2015

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