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Finding the Right Prescription for Life Science Companies

Any data breach is costly and disruptive, but for pharmaceutical businesses, medical device companies, and others in the life sciences field, the need to protect and manage sensitive data (PHI, PII, and IP) make these challenges even more complex. The real world costs of compromised data can be staggering, not just in fines, but in employment and business reputation loss as well.

Join FDA IT compliance expert Angela Bazigos, Chief Compliance Officer of Morf Media, and Performance Works on this deep-dive to learn how life sciences companies are managing their sensitive data in an environment of increasing risk and regulation. You’ll discover how to protect and manage this data to meet compliance regulations and significantly decrease the risk of data exposure, including that of highly-regulated HIPAA data.

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  • Increasing risk to PII, PHI, and IP data in an age of breaches and growing data dispersion
  • Changing regulatory landscape that adds greater complexity to corporate workflow
  • Best practices to monitor and respond to compliance and legal requirements for dispersed sensitive data, including mobile technologies and cloud services
  • Proactive approach to compliance to help your business avoid data risks and better address compliance and legal requirements

Featured speaker & presenter:

Angela Bazigos, Chief Compliance Officer, Morf Media
Angela Bazigos
Chief Compliance Officer, Morf Media

Angela has 40 years of experience in Life Sciences spanning GLP, GCP, GMP, Medical Devices & 21 CFR 11 and has a patent aimed at speeding up Software Compliance.

Speakers: Ken Rosen, Co-Founder of Performance Works; Ron Weismann, CMO of Performance Works

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