White Paper:

Preparing for The New World of Data Privacy

What Global Enterprises Need to Know

There is increasing urgency for organizations today to comply with regional data protection regulations or face potential financial and legal repercussions, and customer backlash. This awareness is heightened by recent headlines related to data breaches, rising risks of BYOD, and other privacy lapses that have bottom line and reputational consequences.

Learn how to prepare for this new world of data privacy with actionable advice for senior IT leaders addressing data privacy concerns in their organizations.

This paper covers key issues to consider when it comes to protecting corporate and employee data privacy, including:

  • Sectorial regulations, including HIPAA and FINRA
  • Evolving Data Protection Acts in EU countries with a strong focus on citizen privacy, data residency requirements, and concerns over data production
  • BYOD policies blurring the lines between personal and business data
  • Internal controls for safeguarding PII & PHI

Enterprise Data Privacy White Paper