Dimensional Research Report:

The State of Data Privacy in 2015

Data privacy has evolved to be a top concern. IT professionals are caught in a high-wire act of needing to manage both data privacy and security to deal with changing infrastructure, regulations, and tremendous data growth, while also moving full speed ahead with cloud adoption to gain business efficiencies.

This Dimensional Research study examines the growing importance of data privacy, challenges for IT in managing the privacy of sensitive business and customer data, and the impact of cloud technologies.

Read the report to learn:

  • Why today’s security-first approach often falls short for addressing data privacy concerns.
  • The biggest privacy challenges your peers are facing and how your organization compares. (For instance, 82% of enterprises have employees who do not follow data privacy policies.)
  • The ever-changing regional data privacy requirements and how two thirds of businesses are finding it difficult to keep up.
  • Actionable advice for making privacy-ready decisions, especially when working with cloud vendors.

The State of Data
Privacy Report