ROI Brief:

17 Business Wins of Better Backup

You know the drill. IT only hears from its end users when there’s a problem — a damaged laptop, a slow computer, or a lost file, and then they need their data

When IT can answer a data near-disaster with "don’t worry, we've got you covered," it changes the game. Not only does IT gain by spending less time troubleshooting, employees gain with easy, fast restores and minimal impact on their productivity. And, believe it or not, your legal teams and C-suite win by governing sensitive data more proactively.

More satisfied end users are just one of 17 real-world benefits our inSync customers have shared with us. Read more in this brief to learn how to:

  • Decrease your backup support calls by more than 90%, like one customer did
  • Increase employee productivity by reducing disruptions and downtime
  • Save time and money on the eDiscovery process
  • Reduce your risk of data breach and exposure

Backup Business Wins ROI Brief